Augie Battaglia Photography

Photographic Philosophy       

Augie enjoys capturing the stillness of the morning. The first break of the morning sun across nature's landscape that promises a new beginning. The compositions have strong leading lines along a central vanishing point that leads your eye deep into the photo and uses a low angle of morning sunlight that creates long medium contrasting shadows, to give direction, scale and drama to the photo. The sunlight creates warm colors on the ground and deep blues in the sky. Every composition needs the balance of positive and negative space and the juxtaposition of two or more visual elements. The mood of his photos gives the feeling of peaceful contentment and thoughtfulness.

Photography Education

Augie has spent most of his professional career as an architect with a camera. In the film days and in his younger years as an architect, the camera was part of training. Most recently he has taken photography courses at the Morton Arboretum with these instructors: Will Clay, Ken Thompson, Hank Erdmann, Chris Aquino and Fred Drury.


Untitled photo

Untitled photo

Architecture Career

August F. Battaglia’s career has spanned over 40 years. His ability to elevate the aspirations of his clients has resulted in architecture that is inspiring to those who use it and those who simply pass by. By organizing solids and voids, planes and masses, and the color and materials, Augie creates outstanding designs that celebrate the uniqueness of each client and project. He creates environments that support curriculum, engage their sites, and encourage a life-long love of learning. His designs are driven from two perspectives: the objectives of the client and the influences of the environment. Augie’s projects have been recognized with more than 100 awards from client-based and architectural organizations.

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Augie joined FGM Architects in 1998 as Design Director and Executive Board Member. In 2008, he received the prestigious elevation to the Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects. The AIA Fellowship program was developed to elevate those architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Augie was named Young Architect of the Year by the Chicago Chapter of the AIA in 1991 and received the Francis J. Plym Traveling Fellowship from the University of Illinois in 1988.

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